Creative Ways to Engage your Facebook Following

Creative Ways to Engage your Facebook Following

When using Facebook to market your business you are plugging in to an easily accessible, highly visible method that has the ability to reach specific targets (audiences) for your business. Because Facebook connects your business directly to potential and existing customers you can have one-on-one conversations with them, communicate through “open-posts so other viewers can read and directly respond as well as provide the option for customers to check-in when they visit.

This is an excellent advantage for developing a continuing customer data base.

You have options on your business pages to frequently update clients about important product or company information such as new product releases or events like “after-hours” customer appreciation wine and cheese gatherings or community events you’d like to see them attend, etc. This is an ideal way to approach your new customers or remind “regulars” of the invitations you sent to them regarding your event. Small businesses have an advantage as this marketing method is an intimate connection with your customers that really works well. Larger businesses have adapted this method by advertising their involvements with community hospital events like Christmas tree lighting ceremonies, government building dedications, job fairs, charitable organizing events like donations for the homeless or food pantries, etc. Your customers enjoy an in-person interaction with you as the representative of your company, because they interact with you on Facebook they have a special connection. Often larger companies will have an information booth at an event and you can invite your Facebook followers to visit your booth for a special gift or coupon.

Your Facebook business pages provide analytics that give you a “deeper understanding” of how your customers are responding to your changing marketing strategies. Something you might want to change is your Facebook business address or your web address. You can maintain contact with your Facebook following while you are transferring to a more recognizable company name in your address so customers will find you more easily. Be sure to change your business Facebook address on your business cards and all marketing print and video materials.

Using photos and/or videos on your internet business marketing pages draws a great deal of interest to the content of your site. Give your Facebook visitors new interesting content often so they feel they need to check back often and to give them confidence that they are getting to know your company better.

Everyone enjoys being asked their opinion, a great opportunity to gather input data on your customers is to set up questionnaires, product reviews and other interactive scenarios to involve your readers and potential customers on your business Facebook pages. This will give you opportunities to respond directly to feedback personally. Another simple way to manage feedback is to set up idea segments so reviewers can click “like” to quickly note their approval of a product point or improvements.

Facebook provides many marketing tools like “Page Insights”, “Ad creating tools”, “Interest Targeting” and “Look Alike Audiences” – which connects you to Facebook members who have affiliated themselves with business interests similar to your business. If after exploring of all of these advantages, your business is still struggling with certain marketing issues, do not give up hope. There are excellent internet marketing firms like Orange Soda to help you maximize and optimize your business’ social media following.