Evaluating Verizon FIOS as a Dependable Internet Service Provider

Evaluating Verizon FIOS as a Dependable Internet Service Provider


If there is one feature the majority of homeowners need to have in today’s culture, it is a reliable Internet service. This is especially true if you have children, as streaming videos and music, accessing websites for homework assignments, and social networks are the essential services of teenagers and adults alike. Home networks are becoming more and more common. With all these demands, it is important for the consumer to be able to have speedy upload and download times and get the service at a reasonable price.

About FIOS Internet

Verizon’s FIOS Internet is one of the most proven and reliable Internet services available. FIOS is an acronym for Fiber Optic Service, which uses fiber optic cable instead of copper wires to connect your home to the Internet. This gives customers the ability to get download speeds as fast as 500 mps (megabytes per second) and upload speeds that match. How fast is 500 mps? It allows you to download a 5 gigabyte file in as little as 1.4 minutes. For many people, this seems like overkill, but if you are a heavy user of Internet services or have a home network, this is definitely an option.


Like all telecommunication companies, the rates and services provided are largely dependent on what geographical region of the country you are located. Most Verizon FIOS Internet services can be packages with cable television and digital phone packages that provide a select group of cable TV stations and Internet phone service for only a few dollars more than the FIOS Internet alone. This shows how popular and important modern Internet connections are in today’s connected world.

Why Choose Verizon FIOS

The obvious question is why should a customer choose Verizon FIOS Internet service over the competition. The biggest reason is that it will deliver your Internet to you using fiber optic networks, virtually guaranteeing you the fastest speeds and most reliable connection available. It also gives you major flexibility in pricing and options, so you do not have to have a number of different providers for cable TV, digital phone service, and Internet.

Finally, there is the “big company” reliability factor. All telecommunication companies will make promises of what they can deliver and where their future is headed, but Verizon is one of the largest telecommunication companies in America, and has a network that extends to almost every state in the U.S. That means wherever you may move to or wherever you are at, you will get the same service with the same reliability and quality. There are many factors to consider when buying Internet service, but the most important one is being able to have your service when you need it. Verizon FIOS is able to meet this high standard.