Got Bugs? Call Mosquito Squad

Got Bugs? Call Mosquito Squad

Bugs are a constant problem no matter where you’re from, and for some states, there can be bugs all year round if you don’t have a winter season that sends them into hiding. So what can you do, attack everything with a fly swatter and hope for the best? Since 2005, the Mosquito Squad company has offered you the perfect solution to such a common problem that can put a damper on the best of days. With fun to say slogan, “No Bugs. No bites. No kidding.”, it sums up their aim of services fairly easily. They aim to rid their customers of any pesky bugs that could possibly become a pressing issue.

Their top five services are Mosquito Control Barrier Protection, All-Natural Protection, installing Automatic Misting Systems, having Special Event Sprays and providing Tick Control, which is a handful of different ways that can cater to helping families like mine and yours across North America.

Having franchises in over thirty states and successfully have made their mark and their name heard, they make sure that all their systems are applied and installed by their professional applicators, and they install their trusted, dependable and acclaimed controlling systems that will eliminate you and any contact with mosquitoes or ticks for up to 21 days, depending on the weather in your hometown. If you’re thinking about an investment into pest control, most professionals will suggest that you get season long protection, which means every 21 days a service will be provided. Mosquito squad is a business that aims to protect you and your family (and even your pets) from the silly nuisance and the overall danger of mosquitoes. They don’t apply their services everywhere around your home, just where the bugs tend to fester – like shrubbery for example.

Over time, they’ve earned their rep as being one of the most trusted companies in this field, but it doesn’t come without hard work and dedication, and they’re even registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) so that you know the businesses products are both safe for your family and the environment. They treat you as if you would be at their own home, and take care of you like you were their family, 100 percent guaranteed.

With increasing numbers about how many deaths are caused by malaria in Africa, they’v taken their success and donate to Malaria No More, which is a nonprofit organization that strives to reach their goal of ending malaria deaths in Africa.

This is a trusted company that is family oriented, and really aims to make the world a better place, solving one problem at a time, now all you have to do is make the call to become worry-free.