Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor deck lighting is now being used in far greater numbers than 10 years ago. Though there are many reasons attributed to this, the most important one was power consumption. Leaving the outdoor lights would be a constant source of higher electricity bills and the lights themselves would need regular replacement due to the fact that they were exposed to the outside elements.

In recent years, advancements have been made in the lighting industry which has immensely improved upon power consumption and durability. Manufacturers have parted ways with the incandescent bulb in favour of Compact Fluorescents lights and plastic housed LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights. Compact Fluorescents uses up to three quarter less power than its incandescent predecessor and LED based lighting goes down to one tenth the power usage.

Power usage apart, due to less heat generation, these modern lights are longer lasting and usually housed in modern materials. These materials have the ability to weather outside environments far better than the lighting of yesteryear, making them ideal for outdoor lighting. A widely sought out variety of lights belongs to the deck areas of the house.

Outdoor deck lighting has evolved into an entire area of design. There are companies that have specialized departments for studying the deck area in both scientific and aesthetic points of view. These specialized personnel are well trained in the art of outdoor lighting. They can source the exact type of lights which will not only serve your aesthetic senses yet be highly functional. These specialists know what to look for in order to highlight the strong architectural points of the area they are lighting up.

Modern control elements such as electronic auto sensing control panels can light up the back yard at pre-selected times or if equipped with daylight sensors, turn on specific circuits when the ambient light drops below certain levels. At the top are computer controlled and activity sensing equipment that will turn on lights when activity is detected. These controls can be pre-programmed for various levels such as party modes or if the requirement is for a private rendezvous.

One of the main reasons, besides security, people use outdoor lighting is to enhance the night time look of their abodes. It is really surprising what a few well-placed lights can do to bring out the beauty of a house. Previously, a single light source or at the most a couple of spot-lights were used to light up deck areas. This served the purpose of providing light but was incredibly garish. Modern lighting now uses less power and lights up the deck area in such a manner that it will look something right out of a professional photo shoot.